Bible Study

We want to extend a special invitation to you to become a part of our Sunday School here at Calvary Baptist Church. It’s an opportunity for you to study God’s Word in small group sessions of like minded peers. We have an awesome Sunday School program with classes available for all ages from toddlers to senior adults. The teachers are all dedicated and put a lot of time and effort into the preparation of their lessons each Sunday. There is also a nursery available for those who have infants if you  need these services.
Join us at Calvary as we study God’s Word together. Remember – No one ever graduates from Sunday School; there is always something else to learn!
Toddlers (1-2 years old)
Younger Children (3 years old to Kindergarten)
Combined Children’s  #1 (1st-2nd Grades)
Combined Children’s #2 (3rd-5th Grades)
Youth (Middle and High School)
Young Adults (College and Career)
Adult II (Couples and Singles)
Adult III (Senior Couples and Singles)
Mary Martha (Women I)
Ruth (Women II)
Book Studies are offered at various times of the year in the evenings as well.    Subject matter has varied (for example, groups have learned how to study the bible or they have examined how to God wants us to take care of our body, God’s temple).   These classes have been for women, men, or they have been co-ed.